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2023 Contest Applications are now available on the 2023 Convention page!


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Youth Contests

Royalty and Showmanship Competitions Open to Youth Members

The California State Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association, we’re committed to investing in the development of the future of our hobby ... its youth.  Convention weekend provides Youth Members with the opportunity to compete in Royalty and Showmanship competitions.

Congratulations to our 2022 Cal State Royalty:

Lady - Sofia Bordessa

Lord - Nathan Currey

Princess - Bianca Currey

Prince - Scott Williams

Duchess - Ashlyn Ettl

Duke - Randall Coffman

Queen -  Isabella Reagan

King - Michael Sittenauer


2022 Youth Showmanship Placings


1st  - Wren Small Stevens

2nd - Gunnar Jones

3rd - Bailey Tucker

4th - Gracie Lester

5th - Nathan Currey


1st - Bianca Currey

2nd - Kylee Burns

3rd - Regan Roeser

4th - Wyatt Jones

5th - Cheyenne Codding

6th - Lexi Himmel

7th - Chloe Currey

8th - Pearl DiSanto

9th - Riley Lester

10th - Ashton Cavender


1st - Ashlyn Ettl

2nd - Lilianne La

3rd - Garrett Weaver

4th - Grace Perkins

5th - Lily Himmel

6th - Reese Roeser

7th - Randall Coffman

8th - Allexxa Pearlman


1st - Heather Lindsay

2nd - Michael Sittenauer

3rd - Maxx Muldoon

4th - Kaylee Reyna

5th - Lupita Quinteros

6th - Joseph Williams

7th - Samuel Hernandez

Management & Achievement Accomplishments

Individual Breed ID Winner - Ashlyn Ettl

Individual Judging Winner - Michael Sittenauer

Limited Management

2nd Runner Up - Dylan Cardey

1st Runner Up - Lilianne La

Winner - Ava Curletto


Average Management

2nd Runner Up - Jacie Bell

1st Runner Up - Reisa Paulsey

Winner - Tristan Cardey

Unlimited Management

Winner - Bianca Currey

Junior Achievement

2nd Runner Up - Pearl DiSanto

1st Runner Up - Leah Bell

Winner - Bianca Currey

Intermediate Achievement

2nd Runner Up - Lillanne La

1st Runner Up - Kaya Bell

Winner - Grace Perkins

Senior Achievement

1st Runner Up - Maxx Muldoon

Winner - Ava Curletto

Congratulations to all the Participants and Winners!

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